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Oliver Kirschner - Gelbes Haus

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Oliver Kirschner - Gelbes Haus

Mr. Kirschner - that's me - was born on September 10, 1958 in Nuremberg. Really!

I'll shorten the life story of Mr. K. und only tell you this: After a certain disagreement in my parent's home on the Starnberg Lake, I left and returned to the place of my birth. I made the decision to do nothing, except maybe travel a little and see the world.

After a while - thanks to my excellent humanistic education - I realized that my decision maybe wasn't the best and so I (on my best behavior) tried to make good on all the schooling I had airily thrown away and, in the end, managed to get a place at the University of Erlangen to study nuclear physics and law. The principles of small particles still help me today... and for legal questions of all types I have a good attorney and advisors.

I came to the bar just by accident - in German we say "like the virgin to her child" - and since I was born a Virgo I've stayed true to her. The bar is my safe harbor, from which I make my Humboldt-like travels into the world.

The Gelbes Haus is a magical place for me. Since its opening in May 1989, the bar has taken on a patina, although she's been constantly renovated and careful improved as we see fit. We don't want to modernize away the comfortable, classic-casual atmosphere that makes you feel secure and protected. In its more than 26-year ripening process, the Gelbes Haus has developed its own flair. 

Troststraße 10 - our adress - is a place open for people with open hearts and minds. And, if necessary, there's always schnapps for comfort. 

Oliver Kirschner - Owner of Gelbes Haus
Oliver Kirschner - Owner of Gelbes Haus © Ute Wünsch

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Oliver Kirschner - Owner of Gelbes Haus

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