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Frank Mackert - Koch und Kellner

My name is Frank Mackert and I am a restaurateur with heart and soul. I have always liked to cook. That started with my grandparents, who always cooked fresh food. Today, one might call it "sustainable cooking". "From nose to tail", everything was used, from bran to kidneys to lung and pig tails. You can imagine that this has also influenced my eating habits until today. In my restaurant "Koch und Kellner", you'll almost always find dishes with offal or parts of the animal that are not just the best fillet pieces.

I learned to be a restaurant specialist here in Nuremberg. After hat, I went out into the world. My first station after my training was the five-star hotel "Claridges" in London. Afterwards, I went to the five-star hotel "The Caledonian" in Edinburgh, where I cooked in the restaurant "The Caley", whoch has received a Michelin star. After that, I returned home, where I worked for a while in the Landgasthaus Polster in Kosbach. But this was just a short stopover in Germany, because I went out again to the international scene. The Hotel Negreso in Nice was my next stop, which was followed by the Davoserhof in Davon, Switzerland. That was my last guest appereance abroad (until now). 

When I returned home, I went immediately to Langwasser to the newly-founded Restaurant Funk, which received a Michelin star in its first year of business. After four years, I went on to the Restaurant Biss (now Wonka) where I met my future partner Stefan Wagner (who learned from Eckart Witzigmann). In 1997, I started my own business with the Restaurant "Koch und Kellner", which I have run alone since 2007.

Koch und Kellner - Owner Frank Mackert
Koch und Kellner - Owner Frank Mackert © Ute Wünsch

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Koch und Kellner - Owner Frank Mackert

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