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Sustainability in Nuremberg

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Welcome to our sustainability page! Travel not only offers an opportunity to discover new places, but also invokes a responsibility to our environment and the travel destinations we visit. Discover Nuremberg in a sustainable way, from the historical streets to the green oases in the midst of the city.

Together with our partners, we take measures to ensure a positive effect on our environment, the local economy and the cultural legacy of the city. On our website, you can learn about innovative projects, such as the “Sustainable Network Nuremberg” and its implementation. In addition, there are recommendations for you to enjoy Nuremberg in a responsible fashion, sample fresh products from the region and experience unique treasures during your visit. Be inspired by our sustainable activities and new event tips each month and experience a Nuremberg which together works for a sustainable future.

Sustainable Network Nuremberg

Together we want to make the transformation to more sustainability happen. We therefore support our members in implementing sustainability in their businesses and continuing to improve on those efforts. Our guests can also inform themselves here about our sustainable partners.


Sustainable Activities in Nuremberg

Discover Nuremberg Sustainably

You want to make your visit to Nuremberg more sustainable? Fantastic! We have gathered ten tips for you. They show you how you can help minimize your impact on the environment and contribute to society, while discovering the most beautiful corners of Nuremberg. Every little bit helps to work together and come closer to the goal of more sustainability in an environmental, social and economic sense.



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Bardentreffen – the Nuremberg World Music Festival

The so-called Bardentreffen is one of the biggest music festivals in Germany. Every year over 200.000 people celebrate to music from all over the world. This year’s theme is “Mediterranean Crossing” which will be focusing on the diverse musical and cultural currents in the Mediterranean region. The festival is located in the old town of Nuremberg and admission is free. More information here

The festival takes place from the 26th to the 28th of July.

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