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Culinary delights at the Oldtown Festival

Culinary Experiences

Culinary delights at the Oldtown Festival © Uwe Niklas

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Culinary Experiences in Nuremberg

In Nuremberg, you can have a culinary adventure not only by eating and drinking, but by experiencing it with all your senses. Get to know the culinary uniqueness of the city during a specially-themed tour. Here, you'll not only learn what is special about the city's beer, bratwurst, gingerbread and more, but you'll also be able to sample Nuremberg specialties.

Beer & Food in Nuremberg

Blogger "The Beer Pilgrim" Tim Charody checks out beer & food in Nuremberg

What is so special about the Nuremberg Bratwurst or the brewing tradition in Nuremberg? The Beer Pilgrim takes you on a journey through the culinary Nuremberg.

Watch The Beer Pilgrim's Nuremberg video on YouTube

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