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Michael Höllerzeder - Albrecht-Dürer-Stube

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Michael Höllerzeder - Albrecht-Dürer-Stube

As the son of a long-standing innkeeping family, I was born in 1971 in Nuremberg. Despite a few trips to explore the world, I have remained true to my home town and still enjoy living in Nuremberg today. My career seemed almost predestined through the work of my parents, because even as a child my daily life was formed by the hustle and bustle of the activity in my family's restaurant. 

I regularly did my homework at the table set aside for regulars. We still have guests that have come to us over the years and who remember me as a small child. Those are the moment that felld good and make me happy that I have kept up a traditional family business, which has been built up by the generations before me. I am proud to successfully bring the Albrecht-Dürer-Stube to a new generation.

An outsider might find it difficult to believe, but I made my own decision to become a cook. I learned my trade in the respected Restaurant Bammes in Nuremberg-Buch. Afterwards, I left my home for the first time and went to Bergisch-Gladbach to learn from award-winning chef Dieter Müller in his Schloss Lehrbach. But after two years, North Rhine_Westphalia just wasn't far enough away to satisfy my wanderlust, so I set out for the Ritz Carlton Buchhead in Atlanta in the USA. After a short guest performance at the Lantana Colony Club Bermuda, I returned to the family business in Nuremberg to help my father who was ill. Although I love to be at home, I was again hit with the travel bug - traveling is still one of my biggest hobbies - and went for 15 months to Rotorua in beautiful New Zealand.

During my travels, there were many experiences that were real challenges for me - for example, working as a chef in Asia - and I enjoyed very much. But I was so attached to my home that I never considered living permanently far away. Since 1997, I have been here in Germany, where I spent the first seven years as the right hand man of Manfred Burr in the Entenstubn and at Schloss Reichenschwand.

The 21st century brought a series of milestones in my life: First I married my wife Pia, who also comes from Nuremberg, in 2001. The next year I took over the Albrecht-Dürer-Stube and started to work for myself. I didn't need to change much in my parent's restaurant, because I quickly realized that the place is such a success because it is exactly as it is. 

Michael Höllerzeder
Michael Höllerzeder

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