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Andree Köthe - Essigbrätlein

My name is Andree Köthe and I was born in 1964 in Dohrenbach. I'm not originally Franconian, but have lived in Nuremberg for 26 years. My mother was also a chef and found me a place with an award-winning chef after I left school. The rough working conditions there didn't please me in the long run and so, at age 25, I decided to work for myself. From an economic point of view, it wasn't an easy start into independence. Yet, over the years, the Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg has become a recognized gourmet restaurant.

In 1999, the time had come: I cooked up my first Michelin star. Eight years later a second Michelin star was added, which I successfully defended last year, together with Yves Ollech. Another great honor for me was the award of Chef of the Year 2012 from Gault Millau, which awarded Essigbrätlein 18 points. It's important for me to mention that I didn't receive all of these awards alone, but together with my second chef Yves Ollech, who was made an important contribution to this success.

In the past, cooking for us most often meant experimenting with spices. We have created our own spice mixes and have pushed out the limit of cooking with spices. Over the years we have turned away from this bold, deliberately striking style of cooking and today we are focusing more on the natural taste of vegetables. Sensational effects are no longer in focus, but rather a harmony on the plate. Because in Nuremberg we have the "Knoblauchsland" vegetable cultivation are right in front of the door, we can rely on the high quality of regional products. I, personally, go shopping each morning. I drive out to "Knoblauchsland" and see what nature has created that fits the season and time. My "findings" determine the theme for that day's main dish.

In four separate books, I have tried, together with Yves Ollech, to pass my knowledge gleaned from years of experimenation with spices, herbs and - naturally - vegetables.

No matter how much I am involved with my daily work, I make time each day for my children, time in which I am there only for them. I won't let anything take away the opportunity for me to bring my little daughter to kindergarten. I can always make enough fime for that between shopping and preparation!

Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech - Essigbrätlein
Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech - Essigbrätlein © Ute Wünsch

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