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We are Nuremberg's Culinary Variety

In 2016 and 2017, everything in Nuremberg focuses on our tourism theme "Cuisine". This embraces both Nuremberg specialties and the wide-ranging gastronomic landscape in the city. But what would these be without the people who have created them and still influence them today? Not nearly as creative and diverse as it is today! 

From the secret "Food Truck Capital" to the "Home of Rot Beer" to award-winning restaurants, in Nuremberg no wish goes unfulfilled. That's why we introduce some of the people responsible for the sucess of the Nuremberg gastonomic scene here. 

Learn something interesting about the personalities, their recipes and what they think is special about Nuremberg's cuisine.

Our testimonial of the month: Ingrid Neef, owner of the  "neef confieserie café"

Neef Confiserie Café - Owner Ingrid Neef
Neef Confiserie Café - Owner Ingrid Neef © Ute Wünsch
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