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Klaus P. Wünsch

Klaus P. Wünsch - Foodtrucks Deutschland

Klaus P. Wünsch © Ute Wünsch

Klaus P. Wünsch - Foodtrucks Deutschland

Even though you can't hear it anymore because I now have a Franconian accent, I was born in 1970 in Dortmund. From the very beginning of my professional life, large vehicles have played an important role: My first vocational training was as a forwarding agent. Later, I trained as a transportation specialist. I worked for several years in this phase of my career, including a stint in trade fair logistics and catering for the Nuremberg Messe trade fair center.

I've always been fascinated by the American continent, especially the USA. Whether when traveling, playing sports or enjoying a BBQ, the American way of life has always appealed to me. So it should be no surprise that my biggest hobby is an American sport: For years I've played American football, earlier as a professional for the Nuremberg Rams. Another love of mine is naturally - who couldn't guess - delicious food. My favorite foods are baked potatoes smoked baby back ribs and, for dessert, Grandma's rice pudding... yummy!

It was this passion for food that led me to create one of the first food trucks in Germany: In 2010, I founded RibWich. The idea came to me as my brother-in-law from the USA cooked an unbelievable delicious BBQ and I decided to try it served in a bun. A RibWich Bun (a special sandwich roll) contains low & slowly hickory-smoke smoked pork ribs, BBQ sauce and a variety of toppings of choice. In the meantime, two RibWich trucks are travelling around Nuremberg. A few month ago I gave RibWich to my business partners, as I need more time for other food truck projects.

There's a second food truck which I created and put on the street: Goud. Here, another private experience was the inspiration: At a Sunday family meal I was enjoying a typical Franconian pork shoulder and tried to capture meat, dumpling and sauerkraut in one bite, because that is how it tastes best. That's how I came ot the idea of a "Heimat-Weggla", a typical Franconian pork shoulder with dumpling and red cabbage or sauerkraut in a bun. In 2015, I gave this project to a buchter who produces the meat and now successfully tours Nuremberg with his "home cooking" food truck. Whatever concept is behind my food ideas, it always fits to my guiding principles of food: Simple, delicious and no silly extra frills!

Parallel to my food truck projects, I have always kept an eye on the food truck scene in Germany. Here, we are just at the beginning, but I've always promoted the idea. In the meantime, this activity has become my primary interest. I've tried to bring together the scene by organizing food truck round ups which take place regularly in Nuremberg and also in other German cities. As part of this activity, I've founded food trucks in other parts of Germany. I've also developed a German food trucks app, which many fans of the trucks use to find where and when a food truck will appear. By running this platform, I've organized food truck caterings, offer food truck owners professional advice and organize events and activities about the topic of street food.

Since November 2015, I am leading a new projekt in cooperation with the Nuremberg Messe - a Street Food Convention (SFC) in Germany. The first took place at the Messezentrum Nuremberg, because it was so successful, it will now take place annually. The B2B Convention focusing on street food, food trucks and outdoor gastronomy takes place together with the BrauBeviale convention and ends with a public Convention Street Food Market at the trade fair center.

My very latest activity is expanding my food truck platform and app into other "food truck crazy" countries such as Spain, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. Other countries will follow. In the future, they will be given information over the mother platform Foodtrucks Deutschland. Partners in the various countries will report directly about the scene there and support the development of the branch.

I've also fulfilled a small dream. I've always wanted a radio sho and I now have my own each week: "Foodtruck Radio" (Wednesdays from 11 - 12 noon on - here I, together with Tim Faber, report about the entire scene ON AIR.

Klaus P. Wünsch
Klaus P. Wünsch © Ute Wünsch

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