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Gingerbread made by Lebkuchen Schmidt

Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt

© Tatjana Hahn

Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt

I was born in the Upper Palatinate. In my youth, I was already responsible for making desserts at home. I enjoyed that very much and they were always well received by my family. That's why I already knew what I wanted to be while I was at school: A baker. And that's exactly what happened: I learned my trade as a baker in a traditional artisan baking shop from 1976-1979. During my apprenticeship, I always enjoyed a challenge and I therefore took part in various contests such as "Recipe of the Year".

The fact that I enjoy my work has paid off. During my time as a journeyman, I worked for exhibits and baking shows and created display show pieces. Through my work in a confectionary shop, I learned this special part of the rade and deepened my understanding. That's why I chose to become a "Master" in the baking trade and completed my schooling in 1991.

Since September 1991, I hae worked for Lebkuchen Schmidt in Nuremberg and have expanded my training to include quality management and product development. My tasks include mainly developing or improving recipes for gingerbread and other baked goods, especially for the "Lebkuchen of the Year". Each year I help with the development of about 20 products. In the remake of the TV show "Was bin ich" (The German edition of "What's my Line?"), I even appeared on television. My largest "work of art" so far, I would say, was an 85-meter-long gingerbread for the 85th anniversary of Lebkuchen Schmidt. This creation was sold for charity at the local Franken Center shopping mall. 

In my free time, I am an avid marksman and take part in various competitions. 

Lebkuchen Schmidt - Master baker Walter Heiselbetz
Lebkuchen Schmidt - Master baker Walter Heiselbetzr Heiselbetz © Ute Wünsch

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Gingerbread made by Lebkuchen Schmidt

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