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Dive into the impressive history of a town that was once a Free Imperial City and enjoy the amenities of a lively urban place that has more to offer than just a castle and gingerbread. Discover how harmonious the interplay of historic buildings and modern architecture can be on a walk through the Old Town. Enjoy the culinary delights of a city with a century-long beer, sausage and gingerbread tradition.

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July 1 until September 30 2017

Since 2012 the New Museum shows Jeppe Heins interactive water pavilion "Hexagonal Water Pavilion" every summer, delights young and old, tall and small and fills the Klarissenplatz with a cheerful atmosphere.

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31. Dezember 2017

You can buy tickets at ticket outlets all over Germany and on the internet for the Silvestival at December 31, 2017 in Nuremberg.

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How did the Hohenzollerns govern, sleep and fight 600 years ago in Franconia and Brandenburg? Find out about this and much more besides from 23 June 2017 in the new exhibition “A castle and its lords. The Cadolzburg experience” at Cadolzburg near Nuremberg.

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