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Christian Wagner - Barcode Union

© Ute Wünsch

Christian Wagner - Barcode Union

© Ute Wünsch

It was important for me to understand my "craft", before I started to be more creative. So I spent the time from 1989 to 1997 learning my trade - first as a cook, then as an apprentice in a hotel and then studying hotel management at university - before I made my way into the world of gastrononomy. When I took over the management of the WAX Lounge and Bavarian American Hotel between 1997 and 2002, I could try out on my own how to apply my knowledge in the real world an determine which things are most important for the success of your staff.

With opening of "Zeit& Raum" in 2002, which I and hostess Miri call "Mama ZEITI", i fullfilled my dream of opening my own restaurant. I could also give my favorite city Nuremberg the "living room in the Old Town" it deserves. In 2013, we took the risk and added vegan choices. We offer both vegetarian and vegan meals as weekly specials on our standard menu - all in keeping with Mama ZEITI's "animal friendly" motto.

With the cocktail bar "die rote Bar", I've managed to establish in Nuremberg - together with barkeeper Roman Horka - one of the Top 10 bars in Germany. With its creativity and unconventional concept, it draws guests from around the world. Watch out - IT'S NOT FOR THE NARROW MINDED!

In 2005, I took over the traditional hotel Gasthaus Pillhofer. Together with host Barbara Krapp, I opened the Restaurant Pfefferstube there. Keeping the place traditional, yet following the newest trends in service, is a challenge that I meet every day at Pillhofer - We have many regulars that value this particular mix and visit us many times each year.

As the organizer of the Bardentreffen World Music Festival from 2009 to 2014, I've now gained my first experience in event coordination with my Barcode Union. These years where I have learnded so much have also laid the groundwork for my involvement in the Old Town Festival. Here, I have three venues together with Sissy Kleinke-Kühnel from the famous Kuhstall. Since 2013, I have also organized the catering and gastronomy for the largest long-distance triathlon in the world, Challenge in Roth.

As eclectic as my restaurants, cosmopolitan as my bar and traditional as my Gasthaus: That's Nuremberg!

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