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Your perfect escort! One city card - many opportunities!

For 48 hours you have:

√  FREE ADMISSION to the most popular museums & attractions
  FREE TRAVEL on ALL public transport services within the entire region of Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein (Zone A)

√  50 % discount on activities from participating partners
√  33 € only!

With the NÜRNBERG CARD + Fürth you have free entry in more than 30 museums and attractions and you can use the NÜRNBERG CARD for unlimited travel in Zone A for 48 hours.

Nuremberg Card voucher

You don't know when you would like to visit Nuremberg or would like to give a Nuremberg Card as a gift? Then our voucher is just the thing.

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Where can I get the NÜRNBERG CARD?

√ Directly on this page via the booking widget "Book now" (sent by e-mail and ready for immediate use).

√ At many accommodation establishments in Nuremberg and Fürth

General Terms and Conditions for the Nürnberg Card

The museum landscape in Nuremberg and Fürth is large. There is something for everyone and with the NÜRNBERG CARD your discovery tour can begin - book and go! We wish you lots of fun!

50% discount on activities from participating partners

The 50 % discount will be given by participating partners within the 48 hours that the NÜRNBERG CARD is valid. At the Historic Rock Cut Cellars* and at Underground of Nuremberg here is a possibility to book a ticket online with a Nürnberg Card discount. To confirm the reduction in price, you must show both the ticket and a valid NÜRNBERG CARD on site. If you cannot show a valid NÜRNBERG CARD, the partner may either cancel the booking or ask you to pay the regular price. When purchasing a ticket at the Nicolaus Copernicus Planetarium, the regular admission price will be reduced when presenting the Card.

Free travel on all public transport services

48 hours free travel on all public transport services: Subway, tram, bus and rapid transit within the entire region of Nürnberg, Fürth and Stein (Zone A)!


The NÜRNBERG CARD for KIDS is free for children at the age of 5 and under (when at least one regular card is purchased); children from 6 up to age 11 pay only €11. Children must be accompanied by their parents.

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