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Your perfect escort! One city card - many opportunities!

For 2 consecutive days you have:

√  FREE ADMISSION to ALL museums & attractions
  FREE TRAVEL on ALL public transport services within the entire region of Nuremberg, Fürth and Stein (Zone A)
√  28 € only!

With the NÜRNBERG CARD + Fürth you have free entry in more than 40 museums and attractions and you can use the NÜRNBERG CARD for unlimited travel in Zone A on 2 consecutive days (not 48 hours!).

Only requirement: You stay overnight in Nuremberg or Fürth in an official commercial accomodation.

The NÜRNBERG CARD will be sent by mail and a processing time of at least 4 days must be expected.


NÜRNBERG CARD for adults


Where can you get the NÜRNBERG CARD + FÜRTH?

  • Before arrival when booking your hotel or your package tour with Tourism organizations in Nuremberg and Fuerth
  • During your stay in our Tourist Information Office or the Airport Information Office
  • In many hotels in Nuremberg and Fuerth but also at the Knaus camp site at the Dutzendteich Lake in Nuremberg.
  • When booking a cities tour program, e.g. with DERTOUR, incl. arrival by train and overnight accommodation.

You can also contact us per  e-mail or phone: +49 (0)911 23360!

Free admission to more than 40 museums & attractions

Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds
Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds © Uwe Niklas

Notice:  Current Information

Small excerpt of included museums & attractions

√ Imperial Castle
√ Germanisches Nationalmuseum
√ Albrecht-Duerer's-House Museum
√ Toy Museum
√ Railway Museum
√ Documentation Centre Nazi Party
√  ...

√ Memorium Nuremberg Trials
√ Fembo House City Museum - Top Hint: Crown. Power. History. Nuremberg in 30 minutes is included!
√ Museum Tucher Mansion
√ German Railway Museum
√ Museum for Communications
√ Museum for Industrial Cultur with School Museum
√ Hangman's Residence Museum
√ New Museum
√ Art Gallery Nuremberg
√ Gallery of Contemporary Art
√ Art Villa Nuremberg
√ Nuremberg Zoo with dolphin lagoon
√ Planetarium√ Children & Young People's Museum
√ Tower of the Senses
√ Natural History Museum
√ Historic Streetcar Depot
√ Motormuseum Merk
√ Undground Nuremberg with:

  • Rock-Cut Cellars
  • Historic Art Bunker
  • Casemates and Water Supply Conduits
  • Medieval Dungeons


 The complete list of included museums & attractions in Nuremberg and Fürth can be found in the NÜRNBERG CARD Flyer

Free travel on all public transport services

Two consecutive days of free travel on all public transport services: Subway, tram, bus and rapid transit within the entire region of Nürnberg, Fürth and Stein  (Zone A)!


The NÜRNBERG CARD for KIDS is free for children at the age of 5 and under; children from 6 up to age 11 pay only €6 (when at least one regular card is purchased). Children must be accompanied by their parents.

NUREMBERG CARD for Kids (up to 5)

NUREMBERG CARD for Kids (from 6-11)



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