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Prezel sandwich from Brezen Kolb

Peter Kolb - Brezen Kolb

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Peter Kolb - Brezen Kolb

My name is Peter Kolb and I am owner of the traditional Nuremberg firm "Brezen Kolb". It is easy to guess from my surname that this pretzel-baking company was brought to life and formed by my family - now for more than 30 years, over three generations. I was born on October 8, 1985 in Nuremberg and from this day on have grown up with pretzels. I can still remember how I, as a small boy and already a great fan of the local Nuremberg football team, would regularly deliver pretzels to the 1. FCN in the stadium. I'm often asked if I still have the desire to bite into a freshly-baked pretzel. I always answer  with a staunch "YES", because a pretzel is always a treat and it helps with quality control!

Quite early I realized that I would like to learn the baking trade from the ground up. I did my apprenticeship at two different Nuremberg bakers and then went on to complete my education as a business economist of trade. In 2010, I took over the management of our bakery together with my mother and I am happy to continue our family tradition.

In my private life there have also been positive changes: In 2012, I married my wife Jessica who energetically supports the business and contributes daily to the success of Brezen Kolb. Right now, we are happily awaiting the fourth generation in the family business, as my wife is expecting our first child in March 2016.

It was quickly obvious that business was going so well that it would be possible to undertake a major expansion. Before we planned our new bakery in the Ostendstraße, my wife and I took a trip to other parts of the world, in order to take a closer look at a variety of food concepts. Our journey led us from Germany to Austria and then to the USA where wee gathered ideas for our new bakery in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. That's where we came up with the idea for our pretzel slide, which amazes guests in our new pretzel café.

Peter Kolb Owner of Brezen Kolb
Peter Kolb Owner of Brezen Kolb © Ute Wünsch

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Peter Kolb Owner of Brezen Kolb

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