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Ingrid Neef - confiserie café neef

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Ingrid Neef - confiserie café neef

My passion for everything sweet came to me from my family. It's no surprise: After all, I was born as an offspring of the family that owns the Nuremberg confextionary Café Beer. Early on, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother and help in the bakery. But I began my training in 1963 in the exquisite Café Corso, whoch at that time was an institutuon in Nuremberg. There I learned how improtant it is to focus oneself on customer wishes and offer first-class service. I recognized quickly that quality is the most convincing argument for sales.

After my training, I returned to my parent's café and greeted our customers daily as the head salesperson. Until one day Karl Neef stood in front of me and we fell in love at first sight. We married and I had my first child, our son Harald. After a two-year-break to raise him, in 1972 I opened, together with my husband, our shop in Nuremberg's Winklerstraße. Swiss patisserie delicacies, pralines, award-winning Christmas fruit and gingerbread convinced our customers on the spot. The media also became interested in the new array of delicious treats. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television reported about Nuremberg's sweetest seduction.

Over the years, I had gathered a wide knowledge about the business. But I found this too little for professional advice. I therefore trained from 1983 to 1985 as a pastry chef. Since then I am better prepared for questions and can provide a wealth of information about any cake ingredient.

Because I've always enjoyed things that are beautiful and decorative, I added attractive git packages to neef's offerings. I also supported my husband with his many book projects. With my eye for details, I helped create the right styling and lighting for the tortes, cakes and cookies in the recipe books.

You can find me almost every day in the shop. I love to chat and laugh with customers who have bought cakes and tortes from us over the years.

Neef Confiserie Café - Owner Ingrid Neef
Neef Confiserie Café - Owner Ingrid Neef © Ute Wünsch

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Neef Confiserie Café

neef confiserie café

Homemade cakes, gateaus, gingerbread and pastries.

Neef Confiserie Café - Owner Ingrid Neef

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