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Michael Groß - Hempels Burger

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Michael Groß - Hempels Burger

My name is Michael Groß and I am the owner and founder of "Hempels" in Nuremberg-Gostenhof. How did I decide to open a burger joint? Well, I grew up in my parent's restaurant, so you might say that I was born into gastronomy. From the very beginning I was part of gastronomic activities and got to know both the advantages and disadvantages of an indipendent life in the catering trade. So I decided to learn my skills from the ground up and trained as a cook. I then went on to become a hoel specialist at a prestigious Nuremberg hotel. After that, I went out into the world. I traveled around the globe and got to know many foreign cultures, which not only changed my character, but also expanded my culinary horizons.

After years of travel, I came back to Germany, where I spent a few years in Berlin before returning to my Franconian home. The ever-changing culinary diversity and the burger boom in Berlin inspired me and as soon as I was back in Nuremberg I took the step to independence. the bustling life-style, alternative charm and resemblance to Berlin made me fall in love with Gostenhof. It must have been fate, that, just a couple of days before my first visit, a long-established bar there closed. I made a quick decision and a few days later I got out the saw and hammer and made my own little burger place. Not just the furnishings, but all other tasks - such as the creation of new burgers, marketing and such - I did myself. In the meantime I have a few employees, who support me in service and at the burger grill. My restaurant has been well received and I'm glad I took this step to independence. 

It didn't take long for "Hempels" to appear in the newspaper and culinary internet blogs. The burgers were even written up in Germany's leading gourmet magazine "Der Feinschmecker". Despite the burger boom in Nuremberg and the growing scene there, this little place is still known as one of the best burger joints in town.

Hempels Burger - Owner Michael Groß
Hempels Burger - Owner Michael Groß © Ute Wünsch

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