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Tips on how you can discover Nuremberg in a sustainable way

© Kristof Göttling

You want your stay in Nuremberg to be more sustainable? Fantastic! We’ve gathered 10 tips to show you how you can help save the environment and, at the same time, contribute something to society: All while discovering the most beautiful corners of Nuremberg. Every little bit working together helps to come closer to the goal of more sustainability in an ecological, social and economic sense.


© Deutsche Bahn AG / Kai Michael Neuhold

1. Arrive by train

When you arrive in Nuremberg with the train, you can save a lot of CO2 emissions. Our main train station is connected to the national and international rail network of German Rail by many ICE and IC routes. From the station, you are in the heart of town by foot or using public transportation in only a couple of minutes – stress free and without the search for a parking spot! Excursion destinations around Nuremberg are quickly and easily reached with commuter rail.

© Ralf Schedlbauer

2. Use public transportation

Since 2012, the underground and trams in Nuremberg have been driven with 100-percent green electricity and bring you to your destination in an environmentally friendly fashion. Our tip: Get a Nuremberg Card. Once you buy it, it gives you 48-hours of free public transportation within the Nuremberg/Fürth urban area – plus you profit from free admission to the most-popular museums and sights. Also included are discounts to many favorite activities.

To get quickly from A to B, there are many car sharing providers and VAG bikes, which can be rented flexibly within the city. You can find more information at


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3. Bring your reusable drinking bottle

With reuseable drinking bottles in your luggage, you can help to reduce plastic waste from PET bottles and disposable cups. In Nuremberg, the drinking water is of high quality, so you can enjoy fresh water from the tap or one of the many drinking water fountains in town. Many shops participate in the “Refill Deutschland” program and are willing to fill your reusable bottle with fresh drinking water free-of-charge. You can identify them by the program’s blue label. Coffee fans can also fill up their own to-go cups with hot beverages in all cafés.

© Kristof Göttling

4. Eat local and seasonal foods

Seasonal, regional and organic quality can be found on many of the menus in Nuremberg restaurants, which offer, in addition to vegetarian dishes, a growing number of vegan alternatives. We have gathered a selection of organic restaurants which are worth a try!

With Knoblauchsland – one of the largest contiguous vegetable growing areas in Germany – the sources of supply are right at Nuremberg’s front door and bring products fresh from the field to the table with the shortest possible transport routes. Regional fruit and vegetables can be found at frequent farmer’s markets (in German) throughout the city and on the main market square.

© Kristof Göttling

5. Purchase regional souvenirs

In Nuremberg, you can still find real craftsmanship! That’s why it’s easy to get enthusiastic about regionally produced souvenirs with short transport routes. The Craftsmen’s Courtyard or the many small boutiques and owner-operated shops in the Old Town or in the trendy GoHo neighborhood are a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind and often handmade treats from Nuremberg. These are of high value and support small local merchants.

© Dietmar Denger

6. Take care of the environment

The behavior of each individual contributes to the conditions within which we all can continue to enjoy Nuremberg. Leaving your environment as you would wish to find it and disposing of waste in the containers provided is a small, but important, contribution.

© Dietmar Denger

7. Explore green spaces

Nuremberg offers not only numerous historical buildings, modern architecture and half-timbering, but also many green oases, riverbanks and lakes within the city – inviting you to relax and giving flora and fauna important living space. Here, your awareness is sharpened about just how important it is to protect nature.

© Dietmar Denger

8. Discover Nuremberg’s Neighborhoods

The Imperial Castle and the Beautiful Fountain are must-sees, but Nuremberg’s less explored corners are also worth a visit. Follow a digital guide through the Nuremberg Neighborhoods and discover a whole new side of Nuremberg – on your own, at your own pace and with a whole range of secret tips! The Web-App leads you to owner-operated shops and brings you in touch with local culture.

© CTZ Nürnberg

9. Think resource-friendly during your hotel visit

In hotels, the cleaning of rooms and changing of towels and linens make up a significant part of energy, water and resource usage. In most Nuremberg hotels, you can choose to create less laundry by hanging up your towels and using them again. If you don’t wish to have your room cleaned daily, you can do your part for the environment – simply ask at reception if you can go without parts of the daily cleaning routine.

© Florian Trykowski

10. Choose environmentally friendly activities

With an exciting discovery tour by foot or on a bicycle (in German), you can best get to know Nuremberg – and all CO2-neutral. Whether it’s a classic city tour, on two wheels over the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds or with a stand-up paddle over the Wöhrder Lake, our diverse program is certain to have something just for you!

For those who require a tour that meet their specific needs, on our website you can find an overview of wheelchair accessible tours and tours for people with sight or hearing impairment.

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