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Pedal through Nuremberg on a VAG Bicycle

You can also explore Nuremberg with a bicycle, which is an ideal addition to underground, bus and trains. VAG's bike rental system makes it easy, with 2000 smooth-running eight-gear bicycles available at 50 stations in the Old Town and throughout the city.

Here's how it works:

1. Register Register free-of-charge at the NürnbergMobil-App at

2. Rent a Bike Open the NürnbergMobil-App and scan the QR Code or scan your eTicket on the tag on the rear of the bike. The frame lock will open automatically and you can pedal away.

3. Parking Choose "Park" in the App and press down on the lever on the frame lock. A beep will confirm that you're taking a break. To start again, choose "Open Lock" in the App. Please note that your rental time continues even when the bike is parked.

4. Returning the Bike Return the bike at a VAG Bike Station or within the flex zone. Press down on the lever on the frame lock. A beep will confirm that you've returned the bicycle. Your rental time ends automatically. No bike stands available? Just place the bike next to the station and lock it up.

Rental Charges

The basic rate is 10 cents/minute. After 200 minutes, the maximum daily rate of 10 Euros for 24 hours - around the clock - applies. If the bicycle is rented for more than 24 hours, new charges will apply.

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