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Christina Summerer, Hotel Vosteen, Nürnberg

Your Host - Christina Summerer

Owner of the Design Hotel Vosteen
© Florian Trykowski


Christina Summerer The Designer

© Florian Trykowski

Kidney-shaped tables, flower-topped tables, cone-shaped lamps, flower-pedal umbrella stands, anodized-gold wire racks for shot glasses, retro ceramic bowls and vases ... 1950's design is known for its clean lines. And this unique style is a specialty of my Design Hotel Vosteen, which was founded in 1954 just north of the Old Town and its medieval city wall.

When I bought the hotel from the Vosteen family, nothing had changed since it had been opened in January 1954. It was as if one jumped back in time. I had the feeling that this charming place would only have a chance if it could return to the full glory of its 50's look, yet with all the amenities of the 21st century. My vision was to wake the hotel from its enchanted sleep. I've been able to do that and my love of detail is much appreciated by my guests.

I can tell a story about every object in my hotel. Everyone who visits my Design Hotel from 1954 feels as if they have gone back in time. My grandparents brought me into the hotel business, because in the 1960s they built a hotel on their property in Erlenstegen. Before I bought the Hotel Vosteen in 2005, I worked in many countries and was also manager of the Hotel Klughardt. Now it has been 12 years since I found paradise at the Vosteen.

As the owner of a hotel, it is easy to combine my private and work life, which is important to me as I have a 10-year-old daughter. My fabulous team supports me and lets me have enough time for my hobbies such as skiing, tennis, bicycling and jogging. I love my job and contact with my international guests and their languages. In addition to German, I speak English and Italian and French and Spanish also work when I need them. Many years ago a friend said to me: "You've got it good, you've got the whole world in your hotel!"

I show you my Nuernberg Christina Summerer - Design Hotel Vosteen

Favorite Spots MyTips

"Chörlein" of Nuremberg

In the many lanes of the Sebald Quarter of the Old Town, you'll find decorated oriel (bay) windows on the façades of the houses. Unusually enough, they are always located one story above street level and have a special name in Nuremberg: "Chörlein". They go back to the 14th and 15th centuries and may have once housed private shrines. The most famous (and today most photographed) is the Sebald Chörlein on its parsonage.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

The Germanisches Nationalmuseum is a MUST for every guest. In addition to archeological finds and historical paintings, an extensive collection of sculpture, furniture, music instruments and toys tell a tale of German history and culture. My favorite object is the ceremonial golden cone hat of a sun-priest from the Bronze Age.


Café Bar Katz

In the summer the outdoor seating makes it especially worth a visit, but you can also meet an interesting and very mixed crowd in the evening. You can find delicious cake here, great little snacks and coffee and other drinks. I like to meet friends at "Katz" to see what's happening - and all with deco from the 1950s.

Der Schöne Brunnen

The special thing about this fountain is the golden ring - if you turn it three times, you can make a wish ... and it will come true. There's also a secret about this fountain, but you'll have to find out about it when you're here.

Design-Boutique Hotel Vosteen

Lindenaststraße 12, 90409 Nürnberg
Main Market Square Nürnberg: 1 km Nürnberg Main Railway Station: 1.6 km Nuremberg Airport: 3.9 km Nuremberg exhibition center: 5.1 km
This charming Hotel offers their guests a wonderful, personal discreet touch, together with a pleasant atmosphere, of calmness, relaxation and recreation. It is located in the center, in the direct vicinity to the castel. The unique quality of the hotel is the fact that it can be regarded as a boutique hotel. Each guest-room (named differently) has a unique design with fancy highly modern private bathroom in blissful colours, making a nice mixture. In total a wonderful ensemble!
Feel welcome!

Design-Boutique Hotel Vosteen

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