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Nuremberg for Children & Families

Watch out, here we come! Nuremberg loves children and children love the many places where they can play and gather new experiences. Museums dull? City tours boring? Nuremberg and its offers for children are just the opposite!

In Nuremberg, little ones find big surprises!

It’s nicest outdoors: In one of the most beautiful zoos in Germany, at the Field of Experiences for the Senses or at the Playmobil FunPark. But in Nuremberg, even culture is packaged right for kids. Whether in the Children’s Museum, Toy Museum, School Museum or the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, there are a lot of places where hands-on participation is the rule and not the exception.

For young and teenaged visitors who want to know more about Nuremberg history, there are peppy and funny city tours.

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Play, Move, Experience

  • More than 90,000 m2 theme park with the beloved Playmobil figures in XXL format
  • Covered- and climate-controlled indoor area
  • Water Playground

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© Playmobil

Dinosaurier Museum Altmühltal

The Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal is one of the most exciting excursion destinations for families, school classes and anyone interested in the evolution of our planet who wants to experience it at close hand. In the Dinosaur Museum Altmühltal visitors wander along an enchanting ca. 1.5 kmforest path through 400 million years of the earth's history. You will meetover 70 life-size reproductions of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, some of which are so large that they scrape the treetops. 

Other highlights in the form of original fossils and genuine skeletons are exhibited in the museum hall. Along with "Dracula", the largestand heaviest pterosaur ever found, the geologically oldest prehistoric birdworld-wide, Archaeopteryx, can also be seen. This is followed by a permanent exhibition with more original dinosaur skeletons which are unique inthe world.

Knowledge can also be gained in the Dinosaur Museum by being active. Visitors can turn into paleontologists and, for example, excavate fossils from the Jurassic stones of the Altmühltal and take them home as souvenirs. Interactive display stations entice you to test your own skills of howlarge, how fast or how strong the dinosaurs were. Whether while runninga race or exposing a Diplodocus skeleton - your knowledge about the time between the Paleozoic and today will be enhanced by every area you visit in the Dinosaur Museum.

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© Dinosaurier Museum Altmühltal

Experience the Middle Ages

Exciting Discovery Tours through Nuremberg


Special conditions for tour operators!

  • Perfect escort for 48 hours
  • Free admission to many museums and sights including the zoo
  • Free pass for the public transportation system (zone A)
  • Regular price for adults: 33,00 €
  • Special: for children 5 years and under: free; for children 11 years and under: 11,00 €


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Museums for Children

© Mike Beims

Nuremberg Zoo

With Dolphin Lagoon and Manatee House

  • Beautiful landscaped zoo with scenic pasture- and water-meadow-areas
  • Jako-O children’s petting zoo
  • Family-friendly food and drinks
  • Playgrounds

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© Uwe Niklas

Children's Theater

© Theater Pfütze e.V.
  • Theater Pfütze: This theater company, which has won many awards for its work, stages ambitious productions of well-known children’s books and its own programs, which appeal to audiences of all ages. More information

  • Theater Salz + Pfeffer: Puppeteers Wally and Paul Schmidt play pieces appropriate for children aged 3 to 5 and plays in English. More information

  • Theater Rootslöffel: Popular for its imagination-inspiring atmosphere, direct communication between the players and the public and its unusual choice of plays. More information

  • Theater Mummpitz: An award-winning theater which is recognized as one of the best children’s theaters in Germany. In the Children’s Museum Nuremberg. More information

Nuremberg's Planetarium

Fascinating full-dome multivision projection on the cupola of the Nikolaus-Kopernikus Planetarium invites visitors both young and old to take a spectacular  journey into space.

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JOSEPHS - The Service Manufactory

Whether it’s fashion, sports, lifestyle or health products, leisure activities or technology – the thematic areas at JOSEPHS® are more than just diverse.

In four areas – Service Workshop, Think Tank, Gadget Shop and Coffee Shop – there are many things for visitors to discover, discuss, design and enjoy:

  • Test prototypes and new products
  • Experience innovation close-up and become a co-developer
  • Get to know new technologies and developments
  • Relax and enjoy in the Caffè CORRETTO

Admission is free.

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Hotels for Families

Many hotels in Nuremberg offer comfortable family-sized rooms or rooms which have connecting doors and offer free overnight stays to young guests or generous children's discounts. Outside of the Old Town, there are many hotels in parks or with large grounds, featuring sun terraces and swimming pools.

Nuremberg's hotel list

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Packages for Families

Our Packages for Families include admission to the Nuremberg Zoo, the Playmobil FunPark, a tour through the Rock-Cut Beer Cellars or the Imperial Castle.

Combinations are possible. A bratwurst or family-friendly meal in a restaurant in Nuremberg’s Old Town can also be booked.

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City Tours for Children

Exciting and interactive city tours give children and teens a glimpse of Nuremberg's history from the Middle Ages until today. And there's a lot of thrilling things to discover!

Nicole Reifenberger
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Email: fuehrung(at)

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Nuremberg Children's City Map

The Nuremberg Children’s City Map is the perfect friend for little visitors who want to explore the city.

We’re happy that you have chosen to visit our beautiful city and have put together this colorful and nicely illustrated brochure especially for children!

Whether it’s the Imperial Castle Museum, an exciting tour or an amusement park – Nuremberg has something for large and small!

Here you can download our Children's City Map or order it from our online shop!

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