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Franconia is known for its first-class, down-to-earth wines, its rich and mixed cultural and historical treasures – a result of its diverse territorial history - and a varied and always appealing landscape. Experience Franconia where it is most lovely and has the feel of the south - in a unique way that can’t be more unique: Travel in style as they did 100 years ago – enjoy the picturesque Franconian landscape with a leisurely drive through forest and field. In an idyllic coach, but with the comfort and driving pleasure one expects today: in an original AAGLANDER.

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Beer and Beer Tours

Deep below the Altstadthof microbrewery are the “historical rock-cut beer cellars”. Created more than 600 years ago, they are today – as then – a cool and tranquil storage place for fine special brews and distilled delicacies – and a rock-hard sign that Nuremberg’s oldest breweries were on the castle hill.

Descend with us into these one-of-a-kind sandstone vaults. Here, treasures made from hops and malt can ripen in peace: delectable special beers, treats distilled from beer and spicy beer vinegar.

You’ll love what we have to offer!

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Cocktail Mixing at "Gelbes Haus"

An introduction to the art of mixing cocktails. In an exclusive atmosphere, learn the tips and tricks of the trade from a professional bartender.

Content of the workshop:

  1. Tasting of the most important basis liquors – Learn drink lore from a professional
  2. Information about the history of the bar and liquor
  3. Preparation of various cocktails
  4. Certificate
  • Possible number of participants: 5 - 13
  • Price: ca. 75 € - 80 € per person – dependent on number of participants
  • Length: ca. 6 hours

For more information please contact us. Email: sales(at) , phone: +49 911 2336-117.

Experience Faber-Castell

The unique ensemble of factory buildings, imposing stately homes and a large landscaped park – created by Count Lothar von Faber and Earl Alexander von Faber-Castell – is open to the public today as “Experience Faber Castell”. Each day, many visitors view the modern production center and the Museum “Alte Mine” at the company’s headquarters in Stein. Tours of the stately home of the Earl of Faber-Castell show its rare art nouveau rooms – considered by art historians to be “Jugendstil gems”. Particularly fascinating is the juxtaposition of the past and future of this family-owned enterprise.

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Foxtrail - Play with the city...

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The fantastic mix of scavenger hunt, sightseeing and escape game. The hunt for the sly animal will lead you you in small teams through the disctricts and is a thrilling challenge even for locals.

Your assignment

Find the fox in the city of Nuremberg. Whether young or old, whether tourist, family, couple, friends or colleagues: on our trails, you are guaranteed to discover a completely new side of Nuremberg. Experience the whole city as your playing field as our technically elaborate designed clues can be hidden or integrated anywhere. You don't need an app to track down the fox, just your heads, your hands, and all your senses. And only team spirit, skill and cleverness will get you to the  goal. At the end there will be a little surprise for each team, so you will remember the day for a long time.

Good to know:

  • Teams consit of 2-6 people
  • The lenght of a Foxtrail is approximately 5 km
  • Duration approximately 2.5-3.5 hours
  • Individually adapted and reduced trails are possible

Specials for companies (on request)

  • Foxtrail Team: 25€ P.p net; Foxtrail, organisation of joint starting times and booking support
  • Foxtrail Team Plus: 35€ net P.P; Foxtrail Team, reception of the group, startdocuments branded with the company logo and a farewell drink
  • Foxtrail individual: Foxtrail, adjustment of the start times, adjustment of the course of the route, individual playning time and inclusion if special partnerts

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GPS scavenger hunt

Discover a whole new side of Nuremberg with CityHunters!

At a team event organised by CityHunters, participants get active in Nuremberg's city centre in a variety of ways.

Whether it's classic geocaching, the more modern iPad rally or as a detective in crime thriller geocaching. During your event, your route will not only take you to the most important sights such as the Imperial Castle or St Lawrence's Church, but also to lesser-known corners of Nuremberg.

A team event organised by CityHunters not only strengthens team spirit, but also teaches you lots of interesting facts about the Franconian metropolis on the Pegnitz. Whether as a company outing, supporting programme, incentive or Christmas party - CityHunters team events are suitable for almost all occasions!

More information about the various indoor and outdoor events organised by CityHunters!


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Kernmühle (Kern Mill)

Make your day special!

Would you like your customers to experience a day that creates unforgettable memories of the beauty of Franconia?
The Kern Mill, a farmstead surrounded by an idyllic setting of green fields and forest, is located only 14 km west of Nuremberg and 12 km west of Fürth. Here, you have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the best of what the region has to offer!
In our fully equipped, modern and light-filled kitchen (32 m²), popular cooking events are hosted by Jutta Horneber. The results of the work in the kitchen can then be enjoyed together on a creatively decorated table in the seminar room next door or – if the weather is good – on a sunny terrace. If you wish to include it in the event price, we will also provide local beer, wine and alcohol-free beverages.

We are a Bioland Partner operation. All food and drinks are high-quality organic products.

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Murder Mystery Tour - Dive into the World of Sherlock Holmes

Would you like to experience Nuremberg differently? Then take part in a detective hunt through the Old Town

The corpse of a well-known art collector is pulled out of the River Pegnitz in St. Johannis. The police suspect that the victim was attacked in his home and fell into the river. Is this really what happened? Who is the murderer? Did the fanatical art collector fall victim to the unscrupulous intrigues of a local Mafia family?

The race against time has begun. 
Which group is the better Sherlock Holmes?

New clues lead your way to new facts that will help you to solve the case or lead your investigation in a new direction. Tact and a good sense for detective work are required to find the perpetrator. Be wary: not all clues will lead you to your goal!

As recognition for a successful investigation, gathering of evidence and searching for a motive for the crime, participants will receive a certificate at the end of the tour.

  • Possible number of participants: 15 - 40
  • Length: ca. 3 hours
  • Price: ca. 70 € per person – dependent on number of participants

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Kitchen Rally - Steak à point ... Child's Play

Tips and Tricks from the Kitchen – Cook like a professional!

Steaks like shoe soles, dull knives and a fish full of bones?! Never again!

At last! Kitchen professionals share their secrets. You work interactively in small groups and learn things that are never found in a cookbook.

In the end you (together with your team) have created a professional three-course menu, just like you are served in top restaurants. Enjoy this culinary delight in an exclusive loft in the heart of Nuremberg.

Be a part of it and show everyone who is cook and who is waiter!

  • Possible number of participants: 10 - 50
  • Price: ca. 90 € per person – dependent on number of participants and menu

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Lebkuchen Schmidt

Quality is our tradition

The visitor hall of Lebkuchen-Schmidt offers a special combination of delight and information during pre-Christmas time.

On your way to Nuremberg or to the Christmas Market you can offer your guests another attraction with the perfect shopping experience. The visitor hall is located on the company's ground and conveniently situated to the highway. 

Many attractions are awaiting your guests!

  • Coffee or hot mulled wine
  • Oven-fresh gingerbread samples 
  • Insight into the world and history of the Nuremberg gingerbread
  • Demonstration at the historic bakery
  • Shop with delicious gingerbread souvenirs

More information about the Lebkuchen Schmidt Adventure World

Monte Kaolino - Experience the South Pacific in Franconia

Leave the city behind – and head for the South Pacific!

White sand as far as the eye can see – and in Franconia! The Kaolin Hill is the largest sand hill in Europe and is waiting to be explored just outside Nuremberg.

We’ll bring you and your group to Hirschau with a shuttle bus, where a recreational area with all sorts of attractions awaits you:

- Forest High Ropes Course
- Sandboarding / Sandskiing
- Summer bobsledging – Monte Coaster
- Swimming pool at the foot of the hill
- BBQ on the top of the hill

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Chocothek by Confiserie Riegelein

Delicious chocolates, artistic decorations, an enormous selection of figures and the opportunity to watch chocolate makers performing their work – all this is available at Confiserie Riegelein's "Chocothek".

Immerse yourself in the production of our rabbits, gnomes, hearts and "lucky piglets". You can draw sweet chocolate coating from our chocolate fountain and find out more about the "brown gold of the gods". Furthermore, we will show you how our sweet figures are moulded.

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