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Climbing in the Region of Nuremberg

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Klettern in Nürnberg

Klettern nur im Gebirge? Nürnberg gehört zwar nicht zu den montanen Regionen in Europa, dem Klettervergnügen steht hier dank toller Landschaften im Umland und Kletterhallen in der Stadt trotzdem nichts im Weg! 

Rock climbers have recognized the Altmühl Valley Nature Park as one of the most important climbing areas in Germany for many decades: After all, the cliffs in the Franconian Jura offer optimal conditions almost all year long.

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Here, 14 exciting obstacle courses in several degrees of difficulty await you: The Little Bear-Parcours for children 4 years and older, the Koala Bear-Parcours for beginners, the Grizzly Bear-Parcours for those with more experience and the Brown Bear-Parcours for the most courageous.

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