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Boating in the Region of Nuremberg

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Kanutouren in Nürnberg

Ob gemütliche Paddeltour, gemeinsames Tretbootfahren oder wilder Kayakritt: die Vielfalt der Angebote in und um Nürnberg ist groß. 

The canoe, one of the oldest means of transportation in the world, is becoming ever more popular today. In a time when the environment is ever more in focus, this leisure activity with a close tie to nature is an ideal way for both young and old to relax.

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A paddle tour on the Altmühl is a summer pleasure for the whole family or an exciting excursion with friends: It is an easy and certain fun that awaits you. After all, the Altmühl is known for its gentle current.

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A canoe or kayak tour on the Pegnitz River is an adventure for the whole family and ice-cold water fun even in the hottest summer ... and one is surrounded by nature.

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The Wiesent River offers the only river trail through Franconian Switzerland.

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