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Aktiv in Nürnberg © Florian Trykowski

Hiking in the Region of Nuremberg

© Florian Trykowski

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Wandern in Nürnberg

Von der Fränkischen Schweiz über das Altmühltal bis hin zum Fichtelgebirge - die Wandergebiete in und um Nürnberg sind vielfältig. Mit dem Rucksack raus auf's Land oder in die Berge, um die Natur zu Fuß zu erkunden ist Luxus, der ganz preiswert ist und sich schnell umsetzen lässt: einfach losgehen. Der große Vorteil beim Wandern ist, dass man Strecken kennenlernen kann, die mit dem Auto oder dem Fahrrad nicht erreichbar sind. Schmale Wege, große Wurzeln oder steinige Böden sind zu Fuß wunderbar zu bewältigen. Das Leben entschleunigt, wenn man dem Gesang der Vögel in den Wäldern lauscht, scheue Rehe in der Lichtung beobachtet und das Rascheln der Blätter die Hintergrundmusik spielt.

Nuremberger Land, east of Nuremberg, is made for hiking trips. It lies at an elevation of 300 to 650 meters over sea level. The gentle hills, often crowned with castles, are easy to climb.

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Franconian Switzerland is bordered by three cities: Bamberg - Bayreuth - Nuremberg. This nature park is one of the oldest and beloved vacation areas in Germany, with a landscape marked by small-scale farms, which meander through charmingly romantic river valleys

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Discover the ancient and austere beauty of the Fichtel Mountains as you hike through their bizarre rock formations, rock labyrinths and dark pine and beech forests.

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The "Franconian Lake District" is a relative newcomer to Franconian tourism. This leisure and holiday area, located 30 kilometers south of Nuremberg and therefore in the middle of Bavaria, was only created a few decades ago and has developed into an ideal holiday and leisure area for the entire family.

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Steep vineyards alternate with soft meadows, narrow river valleys contrast with forested hills. To experience these wonders of nature with all your senses, step by step – that’s something really worthwhile. And the unexpected discoveries along the way are particularly charming. Franconian wine country is rich in history and culture and there is a lot to see and marvel at.

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Pause, relax and find your own pace: In the Altmühl Valley Nature Park hikers are surrounded by rugged dolomite cliffs, sun-filled juniper meadows, pleasant river valleys and plenty of forest.

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The Steigerwald Nature Park is an ideal area for hikers. One walks through broad forests interspersed with beautiful views into small valleys or across the picturesque area spreading in front of the Steigerwald.

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