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Why not become a member of our strong association: Together we can do more! The Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office will continue to position Nuremberg among the top destinations for city trips. We make Nuremberg's tourism offerings stronger through innovation, variety and appeal. This not only benefits Nuremberg as a city, but also yourself as a partner in the company of a large community. So that Nuremberg remains a vital part in the programs of the travel industry, we represent the Nuremberg city and region each year worldwide at many trade fairs and workshops. Be a part of our synergy and use our expert knowledge.

Members Receive the Following Advantages:

    • Discounted ads in our print publications
    • Free-of-charge delivery of our print publications for your guests
    • Presentation in our online area: Hotels in the list of hotels and in the online reservation area; restaurants in our Food & Drink area; etc.
    • Social Media Activities: Opportunity to feed into our editorial plan in our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and with bloggers
    • Participation in our Consumer Newsletter
    • Participation in our special yearly themed campaigns
    • Participation in our tourist offerings for tour operators/groups

      Take Advantage of Our Experience and Knowledge through:

      • Subscribing to our members-only newsletter
      • Using our extensive photo and video material in our image databank
      • Opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops
      • Access to know how, data and statistics

        In addition, an annual meeting of the members offers the opportunity for all members to determine the future direction of the association. For you, that means active, equal and transparent participation! Have we convinced you to join our strong alliance?

        Interested? Then contact Rosi Schuckert, Telephone +49 (0)911 2336-136, Email: schuckert(at) She’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have.

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