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Board Members of the Tourist Association Nuremberg e.V.

As an official association, it is important for us to actively include members and partners in strategic decisions. A lively working cooperation with experts from the Nuremberg tourism branch is an important pillar of our work.

The Board of Directors is elected by the members every three years. The current Board of Directors consists of:

  • Chairman: Marcus König (Major)
  • 1st Deputy Chairman: Dr. Gerhard Engelmann (DEHOGA Bavaria)
  • 2nd Deputy Chairman: Dr. Daniela Hüttinger (Hotel 3 Raben)
  • Treasurer: Stefanie Hopf (Neukam Reba Bus and Travel Agency)
  • Board Member: Jan Gerrit Ebener (NurembergMesse)
  • Board Member: Markus Lötzsch (IHK - Chamber of Commerce - for Nuremberg)
  • Board Member: Uwe H. Werner (Bavarian Trade Association)

The Advisory Board of the organization is elected every three years by the members. It functions as an advisory body for the association in questions of touristic marketing. The Advisory Board consists of maximum 35 persons which represent all aspects of Nuremberg's economic scene and the most important governmental offices and organizations which have an interest in tourism.

As part of the establishment of the Tourism Fond, a so-called "Creative Circle" was founded, which also advises the association in questions of touristic marketing.

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