The PLAYMOBIL FunPark spreads over an area of more than 90,000 m2. That’s the space of more than 10 football fields. Children between four and nine have a lot of space to play and run. And there is also a lot to discover for parents and tiny siblings in the large, nature-like park landscape.

At the FunPark you can play, climb, balance, run and discover!

When you arrive at the PLAYMOBIL FunPark, you don’t have to wait for hours –you can jump right in to the different theme worlds, balancing course or active play area and start to run around, splash and climb to your heart’s content. Not only the brave will want to capture the pirates’ ship in the middle of the pirates’ sea, storm the twisting corners of the knights’ castle or try to keep their balance while bull riding in a Wild West town.

Even in winter or inclement weather it’s a great place to visit

Even in rain, slush or snow, the PLAYMOBIL FunPark is a great place to visit. In a huge all-weather indoor active play space, PLAYMOBIL theme worlds such as a Viking dragon ship, a castle and a life-sized fairy-tale palace await. During the winter season, an indoor climbing area and a 500 m2-large winter play area are open in the PLAYMOBIL shop.