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Theater Salz + Pfeffer - Zapperdockel meets Wock

Children's Theater

Theater Salz + Pfeffer - Zapperdockel meets Wock © Theater Salz + Pfeffer

Children’s and Youth Theater: From Puppets to Opera

Friendship and feud, heartache and hatred … and the hope for world peace: In the Theater Pfütze, themes that challenge kids, teenagers and even adults find a place on the stage. At the children’s theaters Mummpitz and Rootslöffel, pieces are aimed at much younger children: Those in preschool or the first years of education. With its series u18 plus, the Nuremberg State Theater hopes to make a young public enthusiastic for theater, music and ballet. And the magic of figure theater enchants young and old alike at the Theater Salz + Pfeffer.

Great children’s theater takes its young audience seriously

Just as on the big stage, at children’s theaters the main roles portray people both good and bad. In a play, the characters love, argue, fight, laugh and cry. In the staging of their pieces, the Theaters Mummpitz and Pfütze show just why they are some of the most renowned children’s theaters in Germany. Perfection, attention to detail and the dedication of the artists let the music, scenery, dance and acting work together on the stage in a way that seems effortless and light.

Good children’s and young people’s theater takes its audience seriously, speaks its language and tells stories that touch the lives and thoughts of children and teenagers. In a unique way, it opens a world full of poetry, fun and adventure, but also reveals the real world with its heartache, bullying at school or war.

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