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Meisengeige Cinema

Cinemas in Nuremberg

Meisengeige Cinema © Christine Dierenbach

Cinemas in Nuremberg

Whether it’s blockbusters or independent films, movie fans will discover in Nuremberg not only one of the largest and most modern film palaces in Europe, but many small art houses and cinemas, whose programs mix premieres, classics from the history of films and retrospectives with movies from other countries and cultures.

From small-town film house to ultra-modern cinema city

As they say: “There’s life in the old dog yet”. Despite home entertainment and DVDs, movie fans have enthusiastically streamed back into theaters since the opening of the modern Nuremberg film centers Cinecittà and the Admiral Filmpalast. With a clear concept, each of Nuremberg’s cinemas have created a delighted fan base in their own niche – whether it’s with lively gastronomic offerings, live events, sophisticated art house films, themed evenings, 3D technology, a nostalgic vintage look or simply cult films from the trash and horror box.

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