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Nuremberg Tourism Lives through its Partners

The Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office connects providers such as hotels, restaurants and retail establishments in the city with the countless sights, museums and cultural institutions of Nuremberg. Thanks to the personal commitment and fruitful partnership between the private sector and the municipality, the city of Nuremberg is more attractive than ever for private visitors, business travelers and travel agencies from around the world.

Networking: A long tradition in Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office has its roots in one of the oldest partnerships between the private sector and public authorities. As early as 1904, Nuremberg hotels, restaurants and merchants formed a tourism association, with the goal of making the city and its tourism offerings even more attractive for guests and visitors to conventions. Nuremberg’s tourism providers are well connected – with each other and the rest of the world.

Networking is not a modern phenomenon. For more than 100 years, Nuremberg’s tourism sector has actively worked with national and international associations in the tourism and travel industry, in advertising and us und consortiums and in tourism research.

The businesses and organizations which are members of the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office create thousands of jobs in hotels, restaurants and retail shops. Successful joint marketing activities strengthen the economic power of the entire Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

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