When you enter this shop near Nuremberg's market square, you'll find not only a breath-taking selection of beautiful and delicious cakes - you'll also be greeted with a smile. Because friendliness and personal attention are among the secret ingredients that make neef such a success. Of course their flavors are also inspiring.

For over 40 years, Customers are pleased with the quality and freshness of these treats. It is no surprise that neef belongs to the select circle of "Nuremberger Meisterhändler" - artisan specialists in their trade. The display in the windows and at the counter of the confectionary is truly seductive. Neef confiserie café offers, among others, Italian fruit tarts, Mousse au Chocolat torte, award-winning gingerbread and the one-of-a-kind "Nuremberg Schätzle" - gourmets will always find something to please them. Something else will strike you immediately: The cakes from neef are huge! Inspired by an extra-large country plum cake, neef has baked its cakes 50-cm wide for years. You just can't get enough of something this good. 

The seductiveness of neef's baking has long been recognized in Nuremberg and without. The many recipe books that the company's founder, Karl Neef, has written have helped this. They are available for sale in the shop. For people of Nuremberg, "der Neef" is an institution. They love to spend some quiet time in the cefé and relax while enjoying a piece of cake. And neef is also the first choice for big occasions. Many who are celebrating a birthday or anniversary - whether as a person or as a firm - and many brides and grooms order their personal neef dream cake and are pleasantly surprised by the bakery's creativity.

If you love classics and are open for new flavor experiences, you will feel as if you are in cake heaven. Here you'll still discover a traditional passion for baking that you can taste and enjoy. There's good reason that neef is known as Nuremberg's sweetest seduction...

Key facts:

  • Master Trader