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Master Traders of Nuremberg

The northern district of the Nuremberg Old Town offers a unique shopping atmosphere with shops steeped in tradition and distinguished by outstanding quality and exciting originality.

Shop for quality - Find something special

While strolling through the wonderful northern district of the Nuremberg Old Town get to know the unique traditional retail trade.

Awaiting you are many original and innovative products and stores that have earned the "masterful" seal of approval. The Master Traders of Nuremberg will win you over with a charming combination of unique products or range of goods, novel services as well as an attractive shop design.

The charming, competent and friendly shop owners provide the right atmosphere. Only those shops that have a convincing enough orientation to quality and customers are awarded the "Master Trader" seal.

Shopping in Nürnberg
Shopping in Nürnberg © Steffen Oliver Riese

Master Traders of NurembergTipps

Master Merchant of Nuremberg - Chesi Knife Sharpener

Chesi Messerschleiferei (Chesi Knife Sharpener)

Master Trader of Nuremberg - You like it sharp? Then Paolo Chesi, master cutler, is just right for you.

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Der Senfladen (Mustard shop)

Der Senfladen (The Mustard Shop)

Master Trader of Nuremberg - Choose from over 230 varieties of mustards.

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Master Merchant of Nuremberg - fenestra glass design

fenestra Glasgestaltung (fenestra glass design)

Master Trader of Nuremberg - High quality glass items such as bowls, lamps, pictures, jewellery and architectural design are fashioned…

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Master Merchant of Nuremberg - Gebr. Fraunholz Lebküchnerei (Gingerbread Makers)

Gebr. Fraunholz Elisenlebküchnerei (Gingerbread Bakers)

Master Trader of Nuremberg - For over 100 years the traditional company has been producing gingerbread made only of almonds according to…

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Harald Lehmeier shop

Harald Lehmeier - Men's Outfitters

Master Trader of Nuremberg - Top-quality italian labels and exclusive designs for men await you exclusively at Harald Lehmeier.

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Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

Hops, malt and the best whisky in Germany

The beer assortment of the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof ties tradition to innovation

At the…

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Hut Brömme (Brömme Hats) - shop

Herr Brömme & das tapfere Schneiderlein - Museum

Master Trader of Nuremberg - Learn about the history of the hat maker’s craft. The Brömme Hat Museum shows you how hats are made. You can…

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Confiserie neef - shop

neef confiserie café

When you enter this shop near Nuremberg's market square, you'll find not only a breath-taking selection of beautiful and delicious cakes -…

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Schmucksachen (jewellery)

Robert Lucha Jewellery

Master Trader of Nuremberg - Treat yourself to one of the exeptional pieces of our own handcrafted jewellery.

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