Steichele has been located in Nuremberg since 1897. Here, the Steichele family serves traditional Franconian and light cuisine - whether in the historical restaurant from the 19th century, in the garden or in the cozy wine bar. All the products used come from selected suppliers and producers in the local area, which guarantees the freshness and purity of all the ingredients used. You can also enjoy, try and purchase specially selected wines from Franconia, excellent wines from South Tyrol and the Staatsweingut Rheinland-Pfalz as well as vintages from the family's own vineyard.

From the beginning, the Steichele family has formed and managed the establishment, now in the fifth generation. Everything began in 1892, as Anton Steichele (Generation I) started the "first and only Italian wine tasting cellar" in the cellar vaults of Adlerstraße 38, the former "Esterhazykeller". Today, the party location "Unrat" is located there. At the same time, Joseph Steichele, Anton's brother, started up another famous Nuremberg wine tavern: In 1886, he opened "Zu den zwei goldenen Engeln" at Nadlersgasse 31.

In 1897, Anton Steichele purchased the current building at Jakobstraße 50; today Knorrstraße 2. His son Georg (Generation II) created a beer pub "Zum Batzenhäusl" here and, at the end of 1898, transformed the late-Baroque artisan's workshop into a restaurant and the storage area into a professional kitchen. In 1929, the third generation of the family took over: Wilhelm Steichele, the person who found a new house wine, "Mußbacher Eselshaut". This vintage is still delivered today from the state viniculture school in Neustadt an der Weinstraße.

Luckily, the building survived the bombing of the night of January 2, 1945. It had very little damage and was one of the first restaurants in Nuremberg to open its doors after World War II. In 1954, the ensemble was expanded with the addition of a 12-room hotel and the restaurant's "Badischen Stuben", which offers space for 120 guests. In 1966, the facility was again expanded with the addition of a wine bar and wine shop. Here, wines from the then main supplier, the State Vinicultural School Neustadt, and the Zentralkellerei Badischer Winzergenossenschaften Breisach were sold With son Georg and his wife Barbara, the fourth generation took over the business in 1972. In 1978, the hotel was rebuilt, bringing the total of rooms to 31; seventeen additional rooms were added eight years later. A conference room and banquet facilities were also added and the wine war was enlarged.

Because wine was always played an important role in the Steichele business, in 1990 the family acquired its own vineyard in the Palatinate. This is maintained by the state school and research facility of the Rhineland-Palatinate in Mußbach. In 1996, son Michael Steichele (Generation V) took over the business. In 2003, his daughter Veronika and son Bernhard Steichele (Generation VI) took over the day-to-day operations. The next year, they revised the method of hotel booking, creating 29 non-smoking hotel rooms. Additional renovation and refurbishing followed and the mnu and wine list of the restaurant was also expanded and received a new layout.

In 2012, Bernhard Andreas Steichele took over the business on his own and founded the limited partnership "Das Steichele". In 2013, Das Steichele was awarded a place in the Slow Food Enjoyment Guide.