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Culinary tips: Bernhard Steichele

A crispy Schäufele or fresh asparagus? Franconian farmer's brad or a casual evening drink? Bernhard Steichele has delicious tips for every day and season. They'll make your visit to Nuremberg something special.

How would you describe Nuremberg in three words?

Home - family - friends

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't find in other cities of its type?

A great mix of all kinds of different gastronomic and culinary restaurants, bars, traditional inns and pubs are all concentrated in the heart of the town. One can come as a guest to Nuremberg and experience the ultimate German traditional inn or the finest two-star dining, from Asian to Ceylonese: One can try everything and everywhere you'll receive excellent quality. We also have the widest spectrum of breads, sausages and beers in the whole world. Who knows the hearty double-baked Franconian stone-oven bread or Nuremberg "Stadtwurst" sausage? Where else in the world can you find 400 private breweries as here in Franconia? 

What personal dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nuremberg? Is there something a visitor must try?

That depends on the season. In winter, I would recommend a "Schäufele" pork shoulder with a dumpling or the traditonal roast goose - and with them one of our many Franconian dark country beers. In spring, when it's fresh from the field, I would choose the best aparagus from the "Knoblauchsland" and pait it with smoked ham from one of the good owner-operated butcher shops (Wolf, Meier, Stübinger). In summer, almost anything goes: Homemade aspic, head cheese with onions and vinegar or "Nuremberger Gwerch" cold-cut sald with a fresh local Franconian farmer's brown bread. In the autumn, I enjoy most with a piece of onion tart and, when the weather grows colder, a freshly-fried carp.

And also... a couple of Nuremberg sausages in a bratwurst kitchen - but with horseradish and not mustard, a fresh pretzel as a snack, a cappuccino at Café Wanderer, a spritz at Di Simo and an evening drink at the Schnepperschütz.


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