Multifunctional and equipped with the most modern technology, the Frankenhalle offers the ideal environment for conventions, fairs, exhibits, company presentations, concerts, stage shows or TV productions.

The Frankenhalle – A true all-round talent

The hall, opened in 1984, is a dream for every event organizer. In the plenum hall, it offers seating for 5,000 with a variable space concept, extendable telescopic stages and a state-of-the-art multimedia technology that give stage designers and technicians every conceivable option. The rest of the Frankenhalle contains multifunctional rooms, foyers, press rooms, exhibit space, a catering area and VIP areas, which are the perfect complement for all large events.

“Kunst am Bau” in the foyer

The foyer of the entrance hall, which also forms a connector to the Nuremberg Convention Center West, features an outstanding example of “Kunst am Bau“ – art on or near a building: The media installation of the Berlin artist Stefan Krüskemper. Since 1998, 12 printed glass plates without frames hang from steel ropes over the balcony of the entrance hall. The movement of visitors is captured by a camera and projected on to the glass plates. A pattern printed on the plates blurs the reality of the images. By day, the room seems full of energy, technical and cool; at night, festive and warm.