Since its opening as Nuremberg’s first art house cinema, the Meisengeige has lost none of its very special charm. Here you can indulge yourself in art films, independent productions and old silent film classics. Or you can meet your friends in the bar, which happily hasn’t changed its appearance in the last 40 years.

The "Geige", which got its start in the 1970s as a student hangout, is cult. The Meisengeige seems frozen in time: You can just imagine drinking a glass of red wine and enjoying a cigarette as you sink into the plot of a film noir. Yet despite this nostalgic feel, which today draws a very mixed crowd into the cinema and bar, the technology in the two theaters is state-of-the-art: Digital with extremely light-intense projectors. That’s because the Nuremberg Meisengeige – along with Cinecittà – belongs to the corporation of Wolfram Weber, one of the most successful cinema owners in Germany.