In Nuremberg, the number of food trucks is particular high - thanks to Klaus P. Wünsch, who, in 2010, turned his passion for food into a career and created one of the first food trucks in Germany: RibWich. His specila sandwich bun is topped with smoked pork ribs and BBQ sauce with a choice of various toppings. In the meantime are two RibWich trucks traveling in Nuremberg and the area.

The idea to bring Franconian food legend "Schäufele" pork shoulder to the street also comes from Klaus P. Wünsch. The food truck "Goud" and its "HeimatWeggla" - a bun stuffed with pork shoulder meat, dumpling, red cabbage or sauerkraut and sauce - has established as a favorite food truck in Nuremberg's streets.

Foodtruck RoundUps now take place regularly in Nuremberg. Wünsch is also the initiator of these events. The "Foodtruck Deutschland" App and the Street Food Convention Germany, which will take place each year in Nuremberg Messe are also projects which Wünsch supports with much enthusiasm. It is exciting to see how this relatively new food truck scene of Klaus P. Wünsch and his colleagues will develop...

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