Marco Marongiu runs the most unusual Italian restaurant in town. Here, Sardinian is cooked "differently", eaten happily and drunk excitingly naturally. At the Culina restaurant in Nuremberg, you can look forward to enjoying exceptional Mediterranean specialities that have their origins in traditional Sardinian cuisine. With a lot of experience, creativity and care, fresh ingredients are combined here in an extraordinary way. The result is genuine, authentic dishes of the highest quality.

Marco Marongiu is an original. His way of cooking is down-to-earth, without frills, without compromise and above all without counting calories. And it is precisely this attitude with which he has made a name for himself in Nuremberg in recent years: Straightforward and no frills, he describes himself as an outlaw in his kitchen. This refers to his incomparable way of teasing the best out of every ingredient. Again and again he creates new dishes that are above all: spontaneous, creative and super tasty!

"What I don't eat myself, I don't sell", this sentence characterises the native Sardinian as a chef who knows his craft as well as the origin of his ingredients.
"Good, honest cooking goes beyond inventing exciting creations and uniting harmonious ingredients. Good cooking takes responsibility." The Culina's chef demonstrates responsibility in his decision to support predominantly small farmers and traders, to thoroughly research and question the origin of the ingredients he uses. The Culina is also known for its large and fantastic selection of natural wines.

In summer, the garden, perhaps the most secluded in the north of Nuremberg, is a tempting place.

Pets are not allowed indoors or in the garden. Please make a reservation.