Well-hidden in trendy Gostenhof, a small alternative neightborhood on the edge of Nuremberg's Old Town, you'll find "Hempels" burger restaurant on Petra-Kelly-Platz.

Simple, rustic and cozy yet with a hip deco, owner Michael has made this restaurant his own. On the menu are burgers and everything that goes with them... that's all you need. The concept is simple yet persuasive: Self-service, large shared tables that can't be reserved and an open kitchen, so guests can see how the huge towers of burgers are put together. The "Burger Meister" in the kitchen enthusiastically present creative variations, from "Buenos Feiges" to "Papa Panama" to the classic "Hempels Burger". The names tell you that exciting combinations and exotic ingredients are on their way. The best quality, fresh original ingredients and meat from animal-friendly farms are the recipe for great burgers at Hempels.

Those that seek the inconspicuous place can experience this quality themselves, whether at the large community tables inside, or on the cozy terrace in front of the restaurant. The choice of burgers ranges from classics to vegetarian alternatives to creative combinations to ever-changing specials such as the "Papa Panama" - there's sure to be something for every taste. The burgers can be paired with beers from small local breweries, delicious side dishes and homemade sauces. Come on over and fall in love with the taste of our homemade creations.