The Gelbes Haus opened as a cocktail bar in 1989. Kirschner can still remember how he cleaned the entryway with a vacuum cleaner, broom and dust pan for the guests who were already waiting outside.

Today, from Monday to Saturday, someone from the team or the owner himself gets the bar ready for its evening opening. On one hand, this has become routine; on the other hand, it is always exciting to see who is waiting outside, because a rich diversity of people come to visit the Gelbe Haus and that is important to the team. That is why Kirschner and his team work hard to offer something for everyone: The "popular classics" as well as specially selected international recipes or their own "signature drink" creations, which often feature "forgotten" liquors that is local, high-quality fruit brandies. 

When Oliver Kirschner speaks about "us", he means his team of specialists, including barkeeper Sigi Klein. What ties the team together is a fundamental interest in bar culture; for many it is their primary job. Everyone continues to learn about the trade - or let themselves be inspired by bar history and stories. In their own recipes, there is a lot of experimentation: Using herbs, spices, cask ripening and attempting to make as many ingredients as possible on the premises and organically (for example, elderberry syrup or lime juice cordial, an alcohol-free sweetened drink ingredient which contains lime juice).

Oliver Kirschner sees the Gelbe Haus as a classic cocktail bar. He places value on a high professional quality and uses premium products.

That is why the bar won the 2014 Fizzz Award as "Best Longseller". Naturally, one can simply enjoy a beer at the Gelbes Haus, but the focus is on cocktails and spirits, especially whisky and gin.

The interior is decorated in a colonial style and over the last 26 years has collected a lot of memories and memorabilia.

There is one more special thing: The bar cat "Emma". Emma found the Gelbe Haus and the employess has made the little cat as her own. When she chooses, you may visit her in the bar.