Bratwurst Röslein is the world's largest sausage restaurant and is located next to the famous Nuremberg Christmas Market. It features a pleasant courtyard with a cozy beer garden. In the restaurant, 600 guests can find a place in four different rooms: The main guest room, the large and small Emperor's rooms and the traditonal "Waizenstube".

In 1480, the Nuremberg bratwurst kitchen "Zu den drei Rosen" (To the Three Roses) was mentioned for the first time. Famous regulars were Albrecht Dürer, Hans Sachs, Adam Kraft, Peter Vischer and Willibald Pirckheimer. In 1906, the restaurant was first oficially called "Bratwurst Röslein".

Today, "Röslein" is not just an institution, but also a part of Franconian tradition. Guests from far and near, both young and old, are happy to sit together and enjoy Franconian cuisine. The Michael and Thomas Förster families are your hosts in Röslein. They guarantee excellent quality from the region and are pleased to welcome every guest.

In the open kitchen, ca. 20 professional cooks prepare oven-fresh Franconian specialties throughout the day. Heart of the kitchen is the bratwurst grill, upon which 600 fresh Nuremberg bratwurst can be grilled before the eyes of the guests.

The original Nuremberg sausages are prepared by hand in a local butcher shop following a 100-year-old recipe and are delivered fresh several times daily.

Franconian cuisine also offers traditional "Schäufele" pork shoulder, pork knuckle, roulades and more dishes fresh from the oven. Naturally, Bratwurst Röslein also offers something for vegetarians or those who enjoy something lighter to eat.

Almost 400,000 guests visit Bratwurst Röslein each year, including many prominent personalities from films, TV, business and politics. Locals love to meet guests from all over the world. 

Big-city flair paired with coziness in a restaurant with tradition and good taste. The Förster family welcomes you!

Key facts:

  • main dish from 9,90 €
  • seats inside: 600
  • seats outside: 250
  • 3 adjoining rooms for 30 to 300 persons
  • next coach parking area: Vestnertorgraben (2 hours)