When you think about Nuremberg gingerbread, the name Lebkuchen-Schmidt must come to mind. Through the high quality and freshness of its creations, Lebkuchen-Schmidt has made a name for itself and has been recognized internationally for more than 85 years.

In 1927, the brother of E. Otto Schmidt accepted a train-car load of gingerbread as payment from a customer and sent them to his brother for sale. Faced with the challenge of selling an entire wagon full of gingerbread, E. Otto Schmidt thought up an idea that was revolutionary and unique for his time:

He sorted the gingerbread into a variety of attractive packages and sold them directly to individuals by means of regional and national advertising. This was the beginning of Schmidt's gingerbread mail order business. Encouraged by success, E. Otto Schmidt opened his own small bakery in Nuremberg to produce gingerbread to sell to the public.

Today, Lebkuchen-Schmidt ships delicious and deliciously packed gingerbread and other treats as presents all over the world. Our Gift Service Team will gladly give you advice and help you find the service offer that best suits you - because Lebkuchen-Schmidt wants to bring joy to your home.

Today as then, Lebkuchen-Schmidt attaches special value to its carefully guarded and traditional recipes and its outstanding quality. Scores of able gingerbread bakers work daily with carefully selected high-quality raw materials such as almonds, nuts, honey, chocolate and flour.

On the website of Lebkuchen-Schmidt, you can order these sweet treats and have them sent directly to your home.