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Franconian Wine

Franconia is the land of beer, but also the land of wine. The Franconian wine culture, with its more than 1200 years of history, has a long tradition. Goethe loved Franconian wine and ordered it shipped to him by the bottle.

The mild climate, the steep hills covered with vines along the River Main and the love of the vintner to his or her Franconian wine can be tasted in every drop. Between Aschaffenburg and Schweinfurt, on the southward-facing valleys of the River Main and ist tributaries, Franconina vines grow award-winning premium wines: Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau and Bacchus are three traditional varieties. For generations, the "Bocksbeutel" - a wine bottle in the form of a flattened ellipsoid - has been the symbol for Frankconian wines. The dreamy wine villages, with their stunning locations, invite you to relax and enjoy. Or celebrate one of the many wine festivals in their romantic alleyways.

The Franconian Tourist Board can give you more information about the topic of Franconian wines. There is a wine festival finder and listings of vintners and vineyards... everything you need to know about Franconian wine.

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