Learn about the history of the hat maker’s craft. The Brömme Hat Museum shows you how hats are made. You can produce your own hat out of the materials at hand (hat bodies, hat trimmings, feathers and jewelry). The conformateur measures your individual head shape and width and the formillion translates the conformateur image into the full size head mold. You will enjoy the "orthopedic hat".

Johann Broemme opened his first workshop in 1878 and it is still producing hats today in the loving hands of the families 4th generation. In May 2003 Horst Broemme in celebration of 125 years of business and his passion of hats opened along side the main house a small privately operated hat museum.

During the tour Mr Broemme will explain to visitors the individual production steps in how rabbit fur was used right up to the finished hat. The museum director provides an impression of the traditionally used methods employed by the hat maker, clarifying how the varieties of hats differ from one another. A gentleman's hat for example must be beautiful practically and also hard wearing, ladies hats must above all be beautiful.

The owner is particularly proud of the hats and accompanying equipment. With help from the so called "Konformateurs" and "Formillion" machines used to exactly size the clients head providing a form for the perfect fit. There are a variety of other machines in the collection demonstrating the traditional methods in producing a classic hand made hat.

Established in a small, yet inviting room in the cellar all these tools and many other appliances are housed. The owner, Horst Broemme and his craftsmen simultaneously use the museum as a studio for the making of all types of hats in the classical art.

While the classic hat maker produces hats mainly for gentlemen, the fashion of the day was largely responsible for the production of fashionable hats for ladies. Following the tour one has the chance to purchase a handmade hat and other accessories in the museum or in the millinery and dress shop of the family Broemme. On offer are handmade hats as well as established brands like, Mayser, Stetson, Akruba, Borsalino or Wegener. Not only museum visitors, but a very large number of our satisfied customers are today collectors. A Brömme Hat is always good!

Key facts:

  • Master Trader of Nuremberg