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Nuremberg Bach Orchestra

In the Nuremberg music scene, the Bach Orchestra of St. Sebald’s Church is one of the outstanding performers of sacred music. Easter, Pentecost and Christmas are the traditional times for them to play great oratorios. In the oldest parish church of Nuremberg, St. Sebald, listeners will understand the true meaning of the multilayered tones of choir and orchestra – because independent of belief, the emotional power of sacred music moves almost everyone.

Under the leadership of St. Sebald’s Church Musical Director Bernhard Buttmann, the Bach Orchestra accompanies the Sebald Church Choir for performances of large oratorios, masses and cantatas from Bach, Handel, Orff, Mozart, Verdi, Beethoven, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Haydn, to name a few. These take place on major church holidays throughout the year.

Naturally, the Nuremberg Bach Orchestra also has the orchestral suites, harpsichord concerts and Brandenburg Concertos from Johann Sebastian Bach in its repertoire. Yet the name of the Bach Orchestra is misleading. The orchestra from the historical St. Sebald’s Church has command of a broad palette of orchestral and organ concerts from composers from the Baroque until modern times. Members of the Nuremberg State Philharmonic build the core of the Bach Orchestra, which also regularly visits international festivals and produces radio recordings.

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