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Film Festivals in Nuremberg

Desi Nuremberg

Film Festivals in Nuremberg

We admit that Nuremberg is not Cannes. But with the Turkey/Germany Film Festival, the open air Mediterranean Film Days, the SommerNachtFilmFestival, the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival and the Fantasy Film Festival, Nuremberg offers a top drawer cinematic quintet.

Intellectual, piercing and sometimes horridly beautiful, but – above all – something extra special – that’s how you can describe the film festivals in Nuremberg. Whether you enjoy films under the stars on a warm summer night or watch something at its original location in Nuremberg – the art of film making has found a large audience in this Franconian city and pulls hundreds of movie buffs each year to the festivals.

Intercultural dialogue at Nuremberg film festivals

One can experience German - Turkish films and cultural exchange in Nuremberg. Each year, attendees are presented short films and documentaries from both countries at the Turkey / Germany Film Festival. They receive insight into the film worlds of both countries and learn more about the influence of the two cultures on the work of film makers. The most important festival for cultural understanding in Germany doesn’t only want to show films, but to give viewers a basis for discussion in order to reduce prejudice in both of the cultures. The festival has been a guest in Nuremberg since 1992 and ends with a highlight: The awarding of the Öngören Film Prize for Democracy and Human Rights.

The NIHRFF, the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, has a similar concept. It too wants to create more consciousness for the concerns of people living in other societies and cultures. Documentary and feature films place current themes of contemporary history in the focal point. As the City of Peace and Human Rights, Nuremberg is the appropriate place for this festival.

Creepily beautiful films in Nuremberg

A completely different type of film is the focus of the Fantasy Filmfest, which, in addition to Berlin and Munich, also makes a stop in Nuremberg: Gruesomely thrilling and bizarrely breathtaking, crackling tension and horror are on center stage. International film productions take part in this competition. As part of a public jury, you can rate the films from 1 for fantastic to 6 for horrible. At the end of the event, the Fresh Blood Award is given. The program at this festival in Nuremberg ranges from technically perfect ultra-high resolution 3D films to shorts in which the main characters quickly reach a bloody end.

Nürnbergs Filmfestivals

Expected July/August, 2023

The SommerNachtFilmFestival got its start in Desi, more than a quarter century ago. Today, the open air showings with their special atmosphere are an important part of the summer cultural calendar in Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen.

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Expected October 2023

Every two years in October, just following the awarding of the International Human Rights Prize of the City of Nuremberg, the Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival (NIHRFF) takes place.

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