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Lantern Procession of the Nuremberg Children

The Lantern Procession of the Nuremberg children is just as important to the tradition of the Christmas Market as the wooden stands on the square, the Christkind, gingerbread and mulled wine. Thousands of visitors line the streets when – on the second Thursday of December – children walk up the castle hill with their homemade and lovingly created lanterns, creating a colorful sea of light.

Lantern Procession Nuremberg
© Thomas Langer

In 1948, the same year in which the first post-war Christmas Market was held in Nuremberg, the children of the city made their way up the castle hill with their homemade lanterns. It was a difficult time and the many lights symbolized – then as now – the desire for a lasting peace and joy at the upcoming Christmas season.

The lantern procession has taken place every year since then. Today, around 600 children, accompanied by the Nuremberg Christkind and led by a huge lantern, make their way from the Fleischbrücke over the Hauptmarkt, by the Rathaus, St. Sebald’s Church, to the Imperial Castle. Just below the castle comes the highlight of the event: In the light of thousands of lanterns and accompanied by Christmas music, Nuremberg school children retell the Christmas story as a nativity play.

Date: December 7, 2023

Location: Fleischbrücke, Nuremberg

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