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Regnitz Bicycling Trail

One trail, two options and a one-of-a-kind river: That’s the Regnitz Bicycling Trail between Nuremberg and Bischberg near Bamberg. Tucked between the hills of Franconian Switzerland and the Steigerwald Forest, the Regnitz Bicycling Trail links the cities of Bamberg, Forchheim, Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg together on two parallel routes.

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While the 85-kilometer-long valley route leads you through villages and small towns filled with Franconian half-timbered buildings, the slightly shorter canal route (75 kilometers long) stays close to the Main-Danube Canal and the Regnitz River.

On the Regnitz Bicycling Trail, cyclists pedal through fantastic holiday areas: Nuremberg, Franconian Switzerland, the Steigerwald Forest and the edge of the Haßberge Mountains.

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