Since May 18, 1947, when the first motorcycle race took place at the Noris Ring on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, this area has enjoyed a new reputation. It has become a sport and event area that attracts not only the citizens of Nuremberg but also guests from around the world. Today, one of the highlights at the Noris Ring is the DTM series race which takes place each summer. The vehicles circle the 2 kilometer long track 82 times. If you are one of the lucky attendees, you can expect an exciting race weekend. The best seats are on the Zeppelin grandstand, where you have the best views of the race. You can order tickets online.

Live at the Noris Ring race

In addition to the Zeppelin grandstand, there are many other places that are the favorite of fans. On the entire race track grounds there is plenty to eat and drink. Snacks like the typical Nuremberg sausage are perfect for a day at the races. You can also relax at the nearby meadow and on the banks of the Dutzendteich Lake. If you’re looking for a real adventure, you can pitch your tent at a near-by camping area created especially for racing fans. This is an especially good idea if you’re bringing your children to the race.

Easy-to-reach thrills

The Noris Ring is located on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds near the football stadium. The closest commuter rail station is called "Frankenstadion". If you are coming by car, you can follow the dynamic traffic control system, which will bring you to your goal swiftly and safely. There are several large parking areas near the race track.