Nuremberg's most impressive bunker system penetrates almost 24 m deep into the castle hill. In the reconstructed cellar vaults Nuremberg's most valuable art treasures withstood the bombs of World War II unscathed.

It is hard to imagine Nuremberg without the famous works of art that decorate its churches and fill its streets and museums. The devastating bombing attacks of World War II leveled 90% of the architecture of the old town. Thanks to medieval rock-cut cellars 24 meters beneath the castle hill, much of Nuremberg's artistic heritage survived!

At the start of the war, prudent officials transformed these former beer cellars into a secure art shelter with a simple but effective system of air-conditioning and moisture-proof storage cells. The original installations, including the spartan guardrooms, can still be seen. An audio-visual presentation and photo-documentation round out the tour.

Tip: Even in summer, it is cool in the rock-cut cellar. Dress accordingly!

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