How will we live in 10, 20 or 50 years? How will technology develop - and what challenges will that bring us as a society? What do we want? What do we fear? The branch of the Deutsches Museum in the heart of Nuremberg's Old Town invites you to share in a fascinating and informative look into the future. A basic conceptual idea of contrasting science and fiction flows through the exhibit. Concrete projects from current research are presented, some of which may influence our life tomorrow. This is intended to prompt a discussion about the opportunities offered by various technologies - but also possible risks and consequences for our personal daily life and that of society.

Which ethical questions will technology force us to consider? The permanentexhibit covers 2,900 m2 of space, focusing on five thematic areas. These begin with an individual's personal environment in "Work and Daily Life" and "Mind and Body". A broader perspective is opened with the themes "System City" and "System Earth". The final thematic area explores the dream of mankind to travel through "Time and Space". A library, a"Future Workshop" and two hands-on laboratories - "Voyager" and "Discovery"- round out the presentation. There's also an opportunity to take avery personal virtual reality trip into the city of Nuremberg in 2050. A team of "Future Communicators" are always available during your visit to answer questions or exchange ideas.